About Us

“I want my company to have a heart.”~Linda Treska, Founder

Pinch of Colour began with a vision:

To create a leading-edge beauty company that positively impacts the world through philanthropy, sustainability and community.

Since its inception, Pinch of Colour has been committed to doing things differently. When renowned product formulator Linda Treska dreamed of launching her own brand, she knew that using water in her formulas was not an option. With a childhood marked by water scarcity and a global water crisis growing more dire by the day, Linda sought to make Pinch of Colour the world’s first waterless beauty brand. Driven by a mission to conserve precious water for drinking, Pinch of Colour has changed the beauty landscape to match Linda’s vision: Products that not only perform professionally, but that make a difference through philanthropic initiatives.

Today, Pinch of Colour is more than a beauty brand. It is a shift in perspective; a growing community; a movement toward doing things better—and for the greater good. Since its launch in 2016, Pinch of Colour has partnered with Healing Waters Organization, Clean Water for Children, Ekenywa and participated in global events for World Water Day in 2017, 2018 and 2019. Pinch of Colour also partners with Blue Angel Charity, a 501C3 non-profit organization co-founded by Linda to honor her father.

As Pinch of Colour continues to evolve, so does our mission. We seek simultaneous and inventive solutions for creating state-of-the-art beauty products while lessening our water and carbon footprints; we strive to formulate ever more sustainably and safely. We are driven to positively impact the lives of others through beauty with a cause.

Join Pinch of Colour as we push for change—and make the world a more beautiful place.