Ekenywa, Kenya Africa

Ekenywa Africa

Kenya is among one of the fastest growing economies in Africa, it’s social and economic inequalities are growing at the same rate. 42% of it’s 44 million population live below the World Health Organization (WHO) extreme poverty line of $1.25/day. The majority of the poor population live in rural areas that lack basic infrastructure such as roads, electricity and water. The lack of infrastructure impacts the communities ability to break out of the cycle of poverty. 

Pinch is proud to be partnering with Ekenywa non-profit organization to help sponsor our first initiative in Kenya, Africa. Our donation will be given to the Kaiyaba Primary School located in the village on Migaa, Nakuru County. The population is over 2,000 people in which approximately 420 of them are students of the primary school. The first initiative will sponsor the first rain catchment system and a water tank that will supply clean drinking water for this community. Project to start early 2018.