A letter from Linda

Linda Treska, founder & ceo

Hello my dear Pinchers,

Welcome to The Pinch Point, Pinch of Colour’s new community space. One of my favorite expressions is “get to the point”, so here, we’ll be getting straight to it- sharing more of our back story, our upcoming projects, and most importantly our ideas with you!

Growing up in Albania during the communist period, my family lived a hard and humble life. Each day we questioned if we would have water for the day. These childhood memories are what drove me to create Pinch of Colour in 2016. As the world’s first waterless beauty brand, we are forging the way for a new type of beauty product that not only incorporates the highest quality ingredients but also effects a positive change in its making. At the heart of Pinch, we aim to not only make you feel beautiful through our products but also beautiful through your bigger impact on our effort to fight the water crisis. We donate a portion of our profits to organizations which we partner with to bring clean water to underprivileged areas. This year, we’ll be expanding on our efforts to fight the water crisis with a few upcoming projects and your help along the way.

Ultimately, with The Pinch Point, we want to bring you along for Pinch’s upcoming journey as we continue to grow. We’re so excited to share more insight about our product innovation process, our philanthropic work, and our overall sources of inspiration. Most importantly, we’re excited to hear from YOU about your own tips and insights, your drivers, and your passions! The Pinch Point is our community where we can inspire one another and progress to a joint push for the causes that reside deep within us. So welcome to our new journey TOGETHER! 

With Love, Linda Treska


I’d love to hear what causes you’re passionate about and what you want to read about in The Pinch Point. Leave a comment below to introduce yourself!


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