Skin Therapy Waterless Face Elixir

Skin Therapy Waterless elixir

Hello lovely Pinchers,

I want to know- what does wellness mean to you?

For me, it means being in a stress-free state and being fully present in the moment. That’s why when it comes to skincare, the products I use not only have to be effective but also have to be an EXPERIENCE.

It all started two years ago, deep in the dry, desert air of Dubai, where the inspiration to create our Skin Therapy Elixir was born. While waiting for a massage, the therapist began by lighting bundles of incense, each with their own unique fragrance. When she lit the Nerolí scent, all worries slipped away with the intoxicatingly light scent of flowery yet spicy honey. It was then that we knew that we wanted to create a product that incorporated a holistic sense of wellness- one that spoke to your mind, body, and soul. So- the idea for our Skin Therapy Elixir was born!

With Nerolí at the heart of our 98.5% plant-based priming base, Skin Therapy is like a drink of fresh water for tired, dull skin. Nerolí is an essential oil derived from the flowers of the bitter orange Seville plant. Known to help relieve stress, its scent helps you to transport away to a calmer place. It also works as a great natural anti-bacterial, helping to maintain a healthy skin barrier and to protect you from any harsh aggressors that may cause acne or premature fine lines.  We combine the potency of Nerolí with jojoba, apricot, sunflower, and safflower oils to deliver a holistic, moisturizing effect for all types of skin.

I use it nightly, thoroughly massaging it in to help increase blood flow and circulation while giving myself an all-over aromatherapy session. I’ve fallen asleep easier and deeper since beginning this ritual.

But this isn’t the only way to use Skin Therapy! A friend used it once on her son’s allergic rash and immediately his redness was soothed. Another friend dropped a dropperful onto her dry, itchy eczema scalp, and again, a soothing, calming effect took over. And finally, Skin Therapy passed a menopausal woman’s sweat test, by effectively keeping her skin moisturized and balanced despite her intense hot flashes.

Skin Therapy is more than just a face oil. It’s our start to creating wellness through a sensory experience however you may need it- as a priming base before your foundation or as the last step before you recharge for the night. It’s skincare with a social conscience. With every purchase of Skin Therapy, we donate a portion of the profit to NGO’s that we have partnered with to provide clean water access for all. Last year, we partnered with Ekenywa to sponsor a Wash Program that educated women and children on how to use clean water and how to be conscious on hygiene and sanitation.

A better world starts with taking care of yourself first, and we believe that you can have healthy skin while working towards a healthy world. So, what are some of your daily wellness rituals that help you feel centered and empowered to tackle the issues that you’re passionate about?


Meghan Takahashi, Writer/ Brand Connector

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