Healthy Skin Resolutions

Hello my dear Pinchers,

So, it’s been a little over a week since New Year’s and it’s time to check in with your resolutions. You probably have everything from eating a more colorful diet to reading a book a month, but do you have any resolutions about your skin?

As the body’s largest organ, we somehow tend to forget about it and maybe even neglect it when life starts to get a little busy. But it doesn’t have to be as hard as booking a costly and timely facial at your nearby spa. Your healthy skin resolution checklist can start right from the comfort of your home and right NOW!


 Healthy Skin Resolutions:

  • Two Hydrogen Atoms + One Oxygen One
    • Everyone and their mother say this but go grab that tall glass of water and start chugging. Especially after a few weeks of maybe one too many glasses of champagne, drinking water is as crucial as ever now. Just like any other organ, your skin cells need water to continually regenerate, so swapping water for that coffee will boost your skin’s radiance in no time and will literally help put your best face forward.
  • Beauty Sleep is NOT a myth.
    • Getting a proper night’s rest is your body’s opportunity to regenerate itself. Only getting 5 hours of sleep a night can lead to TWICE as many fine lines as if you got 7. So, power down your electronics, wind down with that book that’s on your resolution list to read, and hit the hay earlier.
  • Let’s get physical! (And SWEAT)
    • Of course, working out is good for your overall health, but when you sweat it out, you’re detoxifying your body in a natural way. When your pores open up, the sweat allows a release of all of your body’s toxins that can clog pores and lead to blemishes. So, lace up those tennis shoes and do any activity that gets your heart pumping to let all of the post-holiday stress go, along with any buildup that may be lurking under your skin!
    • We love PopSugar Fitness’ Youtube Channel, where you can find an array of workouts from a 15 minute booty burner to an hour long no-equipment Tabata cardio class all taught by professional trainers. However you like to move and groove, there’s probably a video for you, and most of them don’t require any equipment, so there’s no excuses.

Healthy skin is deeper than just surface level, so that’s why all of these resolutions get to the root of your lifestyle! With these core resolutions in mind, you’ll be at a better starting point to build off of with products that can enhance your skin’s health, like our Skin Therapy Waterless Elixir that soothes and calms stressed, post-holiday skin.

What are your healthy skin resolutions for this year? Leave a comment below.


Meghan Takahashi, Writer/ Brand Connector

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  • i try to clean my face everyday and also use homemade facepack.

    ella @ healthy skin

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