What does being waterless even mean?

 Hello Lovely Pinchers!

We hope you’ve had a great week so far, springing forward into a fresh new season! Before we can launch forward, we want to take this week to return to our roots. As most of you know, we are a completely waterless brand. But what does being waterless even mean? As you’d think, we do not use ANY water in our products, but being waterless expands past just our products. Being waterless also means that we don’t use any water in the ingredient processing nor in the production process. By eliminating water from all aspects of Pinch, we’ve had to get a little creative with our scientists to develop new ways to create never before made products (new one dropping this fall!).

If you take a peek at the back of many cosmetic products, water is usually at the beginning of the ingredient list- most of the times making up almost 70 to 80% of the formula. While we initially equate water with hydration, topically adding water can actually further dry out your skin because it interferes with our skin’s natural sebum protective barrier. So cutting water out of the equation is primarily crucial for the health of our planet and those living on it, but it also is healthy for that glow that we all want. Slashing water may seem daunting at first, but through our journey we have ultimately learned that just because it hasn’t been done before, doesn’t mean that it’s impossible. There is always a way.

Where did this determination come from to create an all-waterless brand?

As a child growing up in Albania, Pinch of Colour’s founder and CEO, Linda, faced water scarcity. Her showers were timed. She had to fill buckets of water to carry up because there wasn’t infrastructure to pump the water upwards. These are the memories that guided Linda in her deep search into herself, where she asked “What’s important to me?”. Pinch of Colour is much more than about quality beauty products. It’s a symbol of bringing the past and the present together to propel us forward in life- to a future where all of equal access to clean water. We need to expand our concepts of waterless in order to provide a beautiful planet for future generations to come. It may seem like an impossible task, but the starting point is as simple as being aware first and foremost. From there, we can all take successive strides forward to fight the water crisis.

Let us know what being waterless mean to you in your life?


Meghan Takahashi, Writer/ Brand Connector


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