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Hello lovely Pinchers!

You’re probably amidst swirls of red and pink with heart-shaped nuances everywhere you turn. Valentine’s Day is upon us. *Cue the sappy love song* Even though Valentine’s Day is seen as a celebration of love between you and your partner, we’re advocating for a more inclusive theme, spreading love to ALL and giving back to those less fortunate.

So that’s why this week, on February 13th, we’re hosting a special fundraiser for our new affiliate non-profit, Blue Angel Charity. As most of you know, Pinch of Colour is a completely waterless brand. But why? Because we know first hand that the world water crisis is affecting billions of people.

What exactly is the world water crisis you may be thinking?

Today, 700 million people still lack access to clean water, one of our most vital needs. This not only puts these people at risk for waterborne diseases, but it also perpetuates their poverty by constraining their time to search for clean water instead of building a solid foundation for their economic welfare.

At the inception of Pinch of Colour, we’ve made it our mission to bring awareness to the water crisis and to actively fight the problem. We currently do this by completely eliminating water from every aspect of our products- the production process, and the product itself. Yet, we decided that we wanted to DO MORE.

To complete our fight against the water crisis, we are launching our own non-profit, Blue Angel Charity. Blue Angel’s mission is to partner with local water-driven NGO’s worldwide to establish a long-term sustainable community of activists. This year, Blue Angel will be partnering with Ekenywa, in Nakaru, Kenya. Our upcoming projects with Ekenywa include a comprehensive water solution for two schools (complete with rainwater storage and a masonry tank), a comprehensive sanitation system for one school, and a complete hygienic training program for one school which provides hygiene and sanitation certification for the entire staff. You can read more about these upcoming programs here as well as donate and sign up for updates.

We’re extremely excited to be tackling the water issue from all angles this year, with the inception of Blue Angel this week! So while everything is red and pink, remember to send love to ALL and to show your gratitude for the people and experiences that make our lives so uniquely special.

If you'd like to be a part of our journey, please Donate to our “The Love & Give” Fundraiser to help raise money for clean water projects in Kenya, Africa. 

With love,

The Pinch Team!

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