A Top Model’s Super Simple Skincare Routine

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“Simplicity is key.” Even in skincare! With a constant influx of new products and trends like the 10 step Korean skincare routine, it’s easy to get a little caught up. As much fun as it is to throw on a gold foil sheet mask for a January night in, sometimes it’s best for our skin to pare down a bit and to stick to the tried and true.

That’s why we sat down with one of fashion’s top models, Olivia Anakwe (@olivia_anakwe). From shooting beauty campaigns to walking fashion week, Olivia’s skin undergoes a lot of stressors with the constant taking on and off of makeup accompanied with incessant traveling. Despite all this craziness, for Olivia, the one constant is her simple skincare routine.

What’s your skin type?
Combination, but it tends to lean towards the dry side.

After a long day of work, having makeup put on and off continuously, how do you care for overly stressed skin?
Due to the cold weather and dry air, I find it best to put a little bit of coconut oil on my face, let that soak in for 10 minutes, then continue with my nighttime wash routine.

What is your holy grail skincare products?
Mario Badescu Rose Water Spray - it’s like hitting a refresh button for my skin.

Do you have any specific skincare rituals?
I use my Clarisonic 5x a week [night only], it’s incredible for getting every last pore cleaned.

You travelled 41 times in 2018 (definition of jet-setting)! How do you maintain healthy, balanced skin with such excessive traveling because we all know that that plane air has no mercy!
I always stay hydrated, it makes a huge difference. Also, when it’s avocado season I make sure I get in at least half a day- those healthy fats help to moisturize my skin from the inside OUT. I also practice bikram and love heated workouts, so that definitely helps open up my pores!

If you had one, what would your skincare motto be?
Make that Melanin Glow

It’s clear that sometimes less really is more! What’re some of your skincare staples and must-haves?


Meghan Takahashi, Writer/ Brand Connector

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